The Beyond Single Manifesto 12X18 (Prayer)

What’s your story? You don’t have to be a celebrity to be chosen! Your One And Only Jesus scripts and stories (testimonies) matter to the one and only.

My One Word for 2017 is Joy.

Prayer is the focus of my ministry. My life is marked by prayer. My parents prayed for two boys and two girls, but when they got to three, they somehow forgot. And like many of you, I was a tumor for six months. My parents prayed for two boys and two girls and that is exactly what they got. Each one of us was born in a separate season. My oldest brother was  born in the Fall, my other brother was born in the Spring, my sister was born just days into Summer and like my Mother, I was born in the Winter.

So completely Thankful for my Journey with Jesus am I. He is the most special gift of all times. No journey is considered or complete without The Comforter, His help is unmeasured! And then there is you, Thank You for all of your love and support as you have stuck with me for what is not the end but a new beginning. Thank God for the year 2016 and blessed be the name of The Lord, yesterday, today and all of our tomorrow’s.

Looking forward to A Year Of Creative Living in real life with much Joy and Thanksgiving as I labor to discover and explore all the possibilities of growing this theoneandonlyJesus gift to its full potential for the glory and pleasure of Almighty God.

In 2017 you will  find me writing Daily Devotions offline while I engage the community, county and country  in an all out marathon effort to build, better known as red chair testimonies.

Please know The Good News Sunday Show will air some eighty times a year. Twice each week for forty weeks per year. Twenty episodes a season. Bible Study is our focus for Firm Foundation Fridays!

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Thank you for visiting my home on the web, and may The Lord continue to bless and keep the all of you. Praise Time In Tennessee, it ain’t about the many but the one and His name is Jesus, God’s one and only son.